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“My greatest accomplishment is that I’m actually here today.” Throughout James Tima’s childhood, he was told that he would likely not make it past high school. He was raised in rough neighborhoods, and witnessed the untimely and unnecessary death of friends and family members, plus the shooting of his cousin, an event which became a turning point in his life. That’s when he decided to join the military, a move that would shape his present and his future.

Throughout his young adulthood, James had two mentors who also influenced his choices. His uncle Fontane was his father figure throughout his life. He invested the gift of time in James, and taught him that, regardless of whether he had a biological father in his life, that he should strive to be the best man he could be. He also had a basketball coach, Mr. Maren, who was instrumental in keeping James off the streets by getting him involved in basketball and also introducing him to church. He turned basketball into life lessons, and taught him the values of honesty and integrity. 

James always had a desire to serve his country and to travel the world. Becoming a Marine would provide both opportunities. He served eight years in the Marine Corp, and has been to the Middle East, Cambodia and several other third world countries. It was during this time that he realized it’s a much bigger world out there than the one he grew up in, and despite the violence he had witnessed as a young adult, America offered opportunities seldom seen in other parts of the world. That’s when the words ‘American Dream’ first became real.

James’ decision to pursue real estate as a career came after a fateful encounter at Publix one day. He started chatting with a shopper who told him she was being given the runaround by real estate agents because she didn’t have perfect credit. He realized if people weren’t perfect, they were less likely to find someone to help them achieve their dreams. He connected the Publix shopper with a Realtor he knew would help her. Eventually, she was able to purchase a home, and that achievement stuck with him. It’s what launched his career in real estate, and also how he earned the mantra, the ‘American Dream Agent’.

Today, James lives in Orlando. When he isn’t helping people achieve their dream of home ownership, he reads uplifting and inspirational books, plays sports of all types, and spends time with his family and friends. He also does a lot of volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity & Big Brothers organization, and donates to Wounded Warriors through United Way. He still plans to travel the world, go on his first cruise, and start a family…also representative of the American dream and all that goes with it. Protection Status